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Suratgarh is a small bordered town with no good school. Army Public School, Suratgarh provides education to approximately 1500 children of the Army personnel. It was shifted to new location on 21 Jul 2010. It has been envisioned to undertake some projects that has helped in the overall development of the children of the school. These projects have brought the latest technology to the children and they will get value education. It has enhanced the knowledge of the children and has also provided them an enabling environment to grow physically as well as mentally. Creating a valuable infrastructure has also ensured that the children of army personnel studying in Army Public School are not at a disadvantage due to remoteness of the place. The endeavour is to make the routine of students in the school laced with myriad activities aimed at developing the intellectual temper and other skills of the students.
Natural- Pollution Free Environment
Internet Connectivity in Lib, Computer Lab and staff Room
Sports Facility
Well Equipped Labs
Mobile Messaging Information System
Audio visual Room
IT HUB and MI Room
Smart Classes
Multipurpose Hall
NCC Room
Dance and Music Room
Transport Facility

Mobile Messaging Information system
The entire data of APS has been automated by professional agency (E-NTAB) wherein all the details of the students is now available to all the parents, teachers& students on their mobile phones & laptops. Even the fees can now be paid by net banking. Additionally, the parents are now informed about various events in the School by an SMS.

NCERT e-learning package as developed by MHRD has been incorporated from class VI to XII through Education Consultants of India Ltd.(EdCIL), which is an MHRD enterprise thereby ensuring faster learning of subjects by the students.

Establishment of AV Room
To provide an opportunity to children to participate in national programs being telecast live and to assist them in faster learning, an AV room has been created through EdCIL

Development of IT Hub
One room has been developed as the IT room from where all the IT related activities are being controlled. This includes the following:-
i. Preparation and printing of question papers.
ii. Monitoring of CCTV.
iii. Hot spot for faculty to upload the details w.r.t. their students.
iv. Control unit for managing automation

Projector System and Acoustics for Auditorium
A high resolution projector system along with proper acoustic system in the process of being installed in the school auditorium.

Well Defined Laboratories
Physics Lab Physics Lab is adequately equipped to conduct practicals for classes IX to XII. It can accommodate 35 students at a time. Following major apparatus are held with the lab:-

(i) Optical Benches
(ii) Physical Balance
(iii) Traveling Microscopes
(iv) Meter Bridges, Sono Meters, Potentio meters and Sphero meters
(v) Resonance Tube, Battery Illuminator, Rheostats
(vi) NPN Transistor, PN Junction diode, Resistance Box
(vii) Ammeter, Voltmeter, Galvanometers & Leclanche Cells
(viii) One Way Keys & Two Way Keys
(ix) Stop Watches
(x) Lenses, Prism & Mirror
(xi) Resistance Wire
(xii) Charts
(xiii) Appropriate furniture
Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab has adequate apparatus to conduct practicals for classes IX to XII. This lab accommodates 35 students at a time. There are proper gas connection, water and lighting arrangements. Following major apparatus are held with this lab :-

(i) Bunsen Burners
(ii) Beaker, Burette, Pipette etc
(iii) Physical Balance
(iv) Chemicals
(v) Glass Wares.
(vi) Charts.
(vii) Electronic Weighting Machine
(viii) Thermometer
(ix) Centrifugation Machine
(x) Dropping Bottles
(xii) Appropriate Furniture
Biology Lab Biology Lab is well equipped to conduct practicals for classes IX to XII. The lab accommodates 35 students at a time. The lab has all the required samples and apparatus with it as follows:-

(i) Specimens
(ii) Human Skeleton
(iii) Glass Ware- Slides, Test Tubes, Cover Slips etc
(iv) Chemicals, Stains etc
(v) Compound Microscopes
(vi) Videoscope
(vii) Models
(viii) Charts
(ix) Appropriate furniture

Maths Lab
As per the guidelines given by CBSE and AWES, the school has Maths lab where teachers explain and demonstrate mathematical concepts, facts and properties using various wooden models and charts etc.
Social Science Lab
To facilitate understanding of the students, the school has a Social Science Lab which has various maps, globe, models and charts prepared by the students on different topics.
English Language Lab
It is designed to improve the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students in English and helps the students to understand the various sentence structures, intonation and correct pronunciation of english words with the help of head phones. Different CDs and phonic symbols are also used by the students enabling them to become familiar with nuances of English Language.

IT Labs The school has two Computer Labs, one for Senior and one for Junior Classes.

(i) Junior IT Lab - 24 Computers
(ii) Senior IT Lab - 24 Computers
In all, there are 48 Computers in these labs.


(a) Outdoor Games - To facilitate Physical development of the students the school has grounds/courts as under: -
(i) Football Ground.
(ii) Two Basketball Courts.
(iii) Two Badminton Courts.
(iv) Two Volleyball Courts.
(v) Athletics Field.
(vi) Two Lawn Tennis Courts.
(vii) Obstacle Course (psycho motor skills).
(b) Indoor Games - Other indoor games for which facilities are provided to the students in the school are as follows:
(i) Chess.
(ii) Carom.
(iii) Table Tennis.

Student to Faculty Ratio
To ensure closer attention to the students, the student to faculty ratio has been reduced to 32:1

Coaching Classes
Majority of the children of APS belong to serving soldiers who aspire to join the forces. Hence to ensure that their aspirations are met early in life, free extra coaching classes by renowned coaching institute of Bikaner have commenced for class V students from 01 Apr 2018.This will facilitate the students in qualifying the written competitive exam for Sainik Schools, Military Schools & RIMC in Feb 2019. Classes are also being conducted for the students of class 9th to 12thfor preparing them for NDA,NEET and JEE competitive exams.

Class XII and X Results
Results of class XII and X were declared by CBSE on 26th May and 29th May 2018 respectively. The school attained 100% results in Class X and XII. Both the toppers in Science and Humanities stream of Class XII secured 93.2% respectively whereas class X topper secured 95%. API for class XII rose to 195.5 as compared to 91.67 last year and that of class X increased from 90.15 to 211.11.

Counseling as Part of Curriculum
A professional counselor has been hired who will be counseling students, parents and teachers and help them identify their niche capabilities which will facilitate the students in focusing their energies in that particular field and subsequently choose that field as their career.

Institution of Award for Meritorious Students in all Categories
An achievers meditation has been instituted in the school which will be awarded to meritorious students in all the fields. This will be given at a station event, where a child will be recognized in front of parents, teachers and peers.

MI Room
A room has been developed as an MI room in the school with all basic facilities to provide first aid to a child and stabilize him before moving him to the MH, A professional nurse has been hired to manage the MI room.

Multipurpose Hall
The school has the facility of a multipurpose hall with a capacity of 500 people. It has facilitated the students to explore their extra curricular talent and develop their confidence.In order to furnish the Multipurpose Hall. Chairs, Sofa set, Curtains, and Flooring was procured. This has given a echo free, new look to the hall and has made it more suitable for the conduct of co-curricular activities in an organised manner

Dance Classes
Traditional & folk dance classes are being conducted for the children of Suratgarh military station as part of summer camp for &% students from Mon to Sat between 0730 hrs. to 0930 hrs.& 1730 hrs. to 1930 hrs. Dance has also been included in the academic curriculum with the aim to make the children participate in dance competitions across the country.

The following actions have been initiated to revitalize the NCC in School.:
i. NCC room has been established with all info brouchers/ catalogues/books.
ii. 50xNCC books have been procured.
iii. Uniform has been procured for 50 cadets out of school fund
iv. 8x.22 rifles were collected from 3 RAJ Bn NCC Coy alongwith 5000 rounds of amn to make cadet fire at Suratgarh baffle range.
v. Cadets were made to participate in NCC camp for 10 days at Ganganagar in June 18.
vi. Snacks are being provided after each NCC parade.
vii. 2 cadets each have been selected for pre RDP Camp and firing competition.
viii. Shortlisted cadets are being trained for 10 days by Dronacharya of the Army, col DR Dalmotra at the Battle Range.

Martial Art
Martial Art classes for children of Suratgarh Military Station in in progress at APS which is being conducted from MON to Sat between 0730 hrs. to 0930 hrs.& 1730 hrs. to 1930 hrs. e. Art &Craft: To enhance the creativity amongst the students Art & Craft Classes are being conducted as a part of summer camp and has been included in the curriculum .A total of 45 students are attending the classes.

Music Room
Two rooms have been designed as the vocal and music room respectively in which the following classes are being conducted on the following instruments:
i. Table
ii. Guitar
iii. Harmonium
iv. Casio
v. Congo

Pollution Free Environment

This has been intro as part of academic curricular part of EVS to sensitize children towards conservation of nature for future generations. The trees planted by each child will be maintained by him throughout stay in the school which at the end of academic year will be given marks by a bd of teachers. Facilities

ESM has been contracted to run a modern and subsidized stationary, shoe and uniform shop at the school, which is open 7 days a week during school hours. Additionally, a photocopier has been placed to facilitate parents and admission seekers to get the requisite documents photostated, This facility has been extended to the entire station.

Transport Facility
A seven seater, non AC maruti EECO van has been procured for the school to facilitate the teaching staff and students in their move for both administrative and academic engagements within and outside the Military station.
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